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Estro in the Factory | #1 - Slimmy

How does it work? How do we work? Come into the factory, we'll explain it to you.

Estro in the Factory is Estro's new signature column through which, each week, we tell you about our greatest passion: custom lighting. Where does an idea come from? How does a project develop and how do we manage to shape it? From drawing to prototyping to the final customer, each lamp signed Estro tells a unique story, made of love and care in every single detail.

The essence of the column lies not only in the story of each product, whether it is a novelty or a project tailored to a client's needs, but also in the context in which it all originated, namely an artisan workshop where every day we strive to guarantee you an incredible quality product typical only of 100% Italian craftsmanship.

In this first episode we are pleased to present Slimmy, a small battery-operated lamp custom-made for a major interior design firm in London. The peculiarity of Slimmy is the contrast of materials due to the contrast between the brass of the frame and the wood of the stem.

For any other information about Su Misura or our collections you can visit the dedicated sections here on the portal or contact us at our email info@estro.it

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